Campaign Concept: The World of Wynn: Microcosm

Global Setting: The world of Wynn is an Axis World. This means that it is the hub for numerous gates to other dimensions or Realms as they are known. Wynn has been wracked by a global conflict for the last 10 years which is only now starting to come to a close. The Union of Nations, an alliance of Kingdoms, Nations and Freeholds, has finally surrendered to the mighty Eternal Empire, officially at least.
The Emperor Undying has spent the last decade unifying or annexing, if they prove uncooperative, the people of Wynn under his banner. He cites a vision given him by the Graces, of a nameless evil poised to descend and devour everything before it. Only a unified Wynn can stand against such a thing, and even that might not be enough. He has established a Federal Empire. Every nation that joins willingly will be allowed to keep its traditions and rulers. They will have to abide by Imperial Laws and recognize Imperial rule. They will also have to agree to provide manpower for the Legio Auxiliary and taxes for the war effort. Those that resist will be conquered, their rulers executed and replaced by military governors. The Emperor himself is likely one of the greatest hindrances to voluntary unification. He is Undying because he is Undead. Emperor Ivhar Orynsky IV has spent the last 108 years as skeleton trapped in a suit of blackened armor. Cursed with an eternity of undeath by his, now executed, Empress for his infidelity, the various states of Wynn are understandably wary of swearing loyalty to such a creature, whatever his claims.
The Union of Nations was an alliance of sovereign nations, kingdoms, and freeholds that had come together to resist Imperial aggression and if it proves necessary, combat the evil the Emperor foretold. The last defenders of the Union were defeated at the Battle of the Wall. A few cities and castles still hold true to the Union’s ideals but it’s only a matter of time before the Empire’s Warsmiths break their walls and finalize the conquest of Wynn. The Empire, in a show of magnanimity, only executed the leaders of the Union and allowed their prisoners of war to go free so long as they swore an oath not to raise arms against their new overlords.
Most of the defeated soldiers returned to their homes and families to try to live out their lives as best they could in this new world they found themselves in. Some joined the Legions, convinced by their guards that the Emperor had a true vision and that joining was the only way to stave off the disaster to come. Many of the more disreputable elements turned to banditry or tried to lead guerilla campaigns against the Empire and occasionally it’s citizens. There always some soldiers who can never go home for one reason or another and these finding themselves with tools and skills not readily adaptable to civilian life become adventures and mercenaries.

Wynn: Microcosm

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